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7 Common Mistakes When Maintaining Your In-ground Home Pool | 98 Pools - Pool service and cleaning for Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Navarre

7 Common Mistakes When Maintaining Your In-ground Home Pool

Over the years, you must have made every pool maintenance mistake you possibly could. Maintaining a pool in the right way is more than just a task. It is a science, involving concepts which are more complicated than you think.
However, most people might not be properly familiar with these mistakes, and they might continue to make them in the future. Therefore, let us talk about 7 of the most common mistakes people make, in regard to their in-ground home pool maintenance.
1. Neglecting the Water:
One of the major mistakes which people might make while maintaining their in-ground home pool is neglecting the water inside it. Most people might not keep in mind that they have to maintain the water level, which can cause bacteria to develop in the edges. The water also needs to be checked regularly, to ensure a balanced level of pH in the water.
2. Not Checking the Chemical Levels:
Procrastination is one of the most important problems in terms of the maintenance of an in-ground home pool. This is usually when maintaining the chemical level of the water. Most people might avoid this, however, it can result in algae or cloudy water later, which is a nuisance.
3. Letting Pets in Your Pool:
It is not wrong to jump in the pool with your long-haired K9 once in a while. However, one of the mistakes people make is not netting their pool properly after the swim with their pets. This might be harmful whenever you go for a swim again.
4. Turning the Pool Pump Off:
Most people might not check the pool pump regularly. Although the pressure might be normal for a while, but you need to backwash the pump once or twice a week. You can turn the valves which can help reverse the flow, cleaning the pump properly.
5. Neglecting a Shock Treatment:
Although checking the chemical levels of your in-ground pools water may just do the trick for you, a chlorine shock treatment once in a while is quite helpful. You need to make sure you do anything in reach to maintain your pool. Avoiding this may cause skin infections in the future.
6. Less Brushing and Skimming:
One of the major yet, most important mistake people might make is brushing and skimming their pool quite rarely. You need to skim your baskets regularly, at least twice a week and you need to brush the walls and the surface to prevent algae from growing there.
7. Algaecides:
Algaecides are basically used to treat the different types of algae, which develops in the pool over the years. Most of these algaecides affect the level of chlorine in the pool and reduce it to minimal. One of the major mistakes which people make is not ensuring a high level of chlorine in the pool, before the application of algaecide.
The above mentioned list of mistakes which people usually make related to their in-ground home pool maintenance can help you prevent yourself from making such mistakes in the future.

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